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For technology companies, service after the sale has emerged on equal footing with innovation as a competitive advantage.As technology-related products and services touch nearly every area of our lives and our businesses, technology has become integrated in how we communicate, learn, work, and entertain ourselves. Our appetite for technology products is growing, even in today’s economic climate.Traditionally, technology companies competed for this business by delivering more innovative, reliable products and services at lower prices. In the audio book, “Sound Advice on Customer Loyalty,” author Steve Walker says customer expectations are changing.”Contracting markets and increasing commoditization of technology products have combined to give the customer the upper hand,” says Walker. “Technology companies must become more responsive to the ever changing needs of their customers.”According to recent customer studies, this translates into a demand for improved customer support.”Customers are expecting better technical and non-technical customer service,” says Walker. “Our research shows that service after the sale has emerged on at least equal footing with innovation as a competitive advantage for technology companies.”"While the potential for technology companies is great, the need to manage customer loyalty in such a dynamic market is even greater,” says Walker. “For technology companies, a focus on customers will only add more value to the innovative products and services they are expected to deliver.”Steve Walker offers advice on managing customer loyalty each week in the free audio newsletter from What’s Working in Biz,

Fitness Resorts Are Healthy Resorts

Plan your fitness vacation by choosing the best fitness resorts and there are numerous types of resorts to choose from and it includes beach resorts and small seaside bungalows within the resorts. These factors are most important when you choose a fitness resorts and they are locations, convenience and amenities. Most of the people prefer for location and give proximity to transportation options. You would have experienced different vacation holidays, but this fitness vacation is somewhat special and here, you gain fitness and good health with mind relaxation. Here, you can get all facilities that are related to fitness and it starts from food and end with fitness spas.These resorts are called as healthy resorts because this camp affords nothing other than health. All fitness camps will well adhere to this quote, “health is wealth”. Yes, their main aim is to provide you proper health so all those who need to remain healthy forever can join in these camps and maintain their health in a good way. You need a place to go somewhere and learn some extensive health programs and these places are called as fitness retreats. In television, you would have been watching many health programs, but in fitness retreats, you learn some new exercise programs that you would have not yet seen before.Water is the best remedy for all health problems and many of you know that consuming water orally can avoid many diseases. Yes it is true, but in fitness spas, you get water treatments through natural hot springs or sources. It is a comprehensive program and includes many services and people go here to develop healthy habits. You can ask, is there any link between fitness and nutrition? Yes, definitely there is some connection between fitness and nutrition and the fact is if you have a good nutrition, you look energetic and can participate well in fitness programs. For a good health, you need to maintain a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits and grains so that it prevents diseases and boost your energy level.In this resort, your diet will be monitored and you will be personally cared by personal nutritionist and their duty is to provide health diet menu planner to you. A healthy food makes you sleep better and improve your mood and cardiovascular endurance. Apart from these activities, you will be trained with some exercises and workouts that improve your strength. These exercise programs are called as boot camp workouts and sometimes people say these camps as military workouts because the workout programs are conducted by some military personals and you will be taught exercises along with discipline. Overall, in these camps, you lose your weight and gain fitness in all stages of this program. Select the fitness resorts that satisfy in all aspects and ensure that they provide you various fitness retreats such as fitness spas and more in a good manner.

Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services – Learn More

Call center outsourcing is an advanced and best way for an organization to save time, money and resource. It is through outsourcing that your business will be able to gain inbound or outbound call centere support or both. Imbibing the outsourcing business model not only helps companies to progress but it also helps to expand more when compared to the other available companies functioning with the normal business model.Working with the virtual call center agents rather than that of the in-house employees appears to be much more helpful for a business to earn revenues and carry out business services. One major reason is that the virtual customer service assistants will be in a position to offer you a variety of solutions.Most call centere solutions are professionally effective and involves a great deal of expertise. They offer you inbound and outbound call centere solutions, involving a great deal of expertise. As virtual assistants are usually highly knowledgeable, experienced and expertize in offering inbound or outbound call center solutions, they bring you the right solutions at all times.The highly trained virtual assistants provide a range of inbound call center solutions, live chat facilities, customer service and order-taking services to the clients. In this way, these service providers will be able to carry forward business development activities with much ease.Inbound call center services happens to be one of the most crucial call centere service solutions that many of the organizations watch out for. The inbound call center solutions are found to include some of the following features. These include technical support staff, order taking staff, customer service staff and the toll free customer service staff.The live chat customer service representatives are beneficial for the overall business management. This is the service that can help to save a great lot of money and the valuable time at the end. You can involve inbound call centere services for a range of the other productive business tasks. With this specialized service, you will be able to increase the web conversations with both customers and clients. This will help you gain a better web presence to improve upon the clientele.There are several advantages of hiring the inbound call centere services, live chat customer service, order taking and more. Hiring an outsourcing company means that you do not need any separate infrastructure set-up. This is an ideal way to save both money and time on hiring the inbound call center solutions.You will be able to get the live chat customer service, order taking service for your business and still you do not need to get any infrastructure set-up to execute things. Isn’t this interesting?The second benefit of having inbound call center solutions and live chat support is that it eliminates the need to hire any in-house employees. Due to this reason, you will never face any kind of problem which normally occurs between employees.Another major benefit of inbound call center outsourcing is that you will be able to gain live chat support, order taking and a range of other apt services that the in-house employees cannot offer you. Moreover, you do not have to pay all the outsourced employees. You can pay for those services that you choose to hire. This also helps companies to save a great amount of money as you get to pay for services and not for employees.

Anjuna Beach Resorts and Hotels

Although Goa is a tiny coastal land of India but high on the popularity chart of tourism industry. All thanks to its picturesque beaches which plays pivotal role in the Goan culture and economy.Chock-a-blocks with vacationers of all castes and creeds round the year, Goan beaches are one of the most exotic destinations for holidaying in India. Washed by tides twice a day, refashioned by monsoons yearly, the beaches always have something new to offer. Among all the beaches of Goa, the beach which beckons the visitor most is Anjuna.Anjuna Beach Location:Titled as “mother of all beaches in Goa”, Anjuna Beach is located 8km west of Mapusa town in Bardez taluka of North-Goa district. Adjacent to Chapora Fort, the sandy stretch of Anjuna was once a hotspot for hippies, who used to meet here during the dry season and party hard.Tourist Attractions of Anjuna:But, with the gradual passage of time, this fantastic beach has also turned into a favored tourist destination for both laymen and celebs. Full moon trance parties under the moonlit sky, which lasts till the wee hours of morning are the prime attractions of Anjuna beach. Be it a localite or a foreigner, every body loves to shake their hips in these glamorous parties on the rhythm of electrifying rock or Bollywood music.Beside these glossy parties, Anjuna is also famed as Freak capital of world. Wednesday Flea market of Anjuna is a bustling business centre as well as a major tourist attraction. Holidaymakers whosoever visits Anjuna never forgets to explore this market as it gives a golden opportunity to behold some unusual stuffs like old Goa trance music cassettes, artificial ornaments carvings, funky T-shirts, European snacks, Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets etc.Anjuna Beach Hotels:Apart from its endless array of tourist attractions, Anjuna Beach is also popular for its excellent staying options. It is no dearth of world class hotels and resorts which are suitable for all pocket sizes. Some of the esteemed luxury and budget hotels or resorts near Anjuna Beach Goa areHotel Laguna Anjuna:Address:- Sorantto Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa – 403509, India.Designed by the award winning architect Dean D’Cruz (of Nilaya Hermitage acclaim), Hotel Laguna Anjuna, is a simple but stylish hotel. The hotel is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the beach and situated in a rural location. Services and facilities of this hotel includes outdoor pool, a children’s pool, a full-service health spa, a hair salon, a concierge desk, wireless Internet access, air conditioned rooms, these rooms also include refrigerators, shower/tub combinations, and bathrobes.Mapple Nirvana Hermitage:Address:- 955/2 Pequem Peddem, Flea Market Road, Anjuna- Bardez, Goa, IndiaHotel Mapple Nirvana Hermitage, built on a lush isolated hillock, is situated at the heart of Anjuna beach. The hotel is ideally constructed amidst the lush green surroundings and in the vicinity of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. The hotel has beautiful Cottages and Garden Cottages. It also has an in-house restaurant. Services and recreational amenities provided by the hotel include Doctor on call, Laundry service, Travel desk, Swimming pool, Car parking, an outdoor pool, a spa tub, a steam room, a business center, and laundry facilities.Flushing Meadows Goa:Address:- Pequeno Chiwar, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa – 403509, India.Located in a small remote village of North Goa near Anjuna Beach, Hotel Flushing Meadows Country Resort is a newly built resort. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and the hills of Anjuna Village. It has well decorated rooms with balconies facing the poolside.La Oasis Anjuna:Address: Flea Market Road, Near Football Ground, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa 403506, IndiaAs the name reflects, Hotel La Oasis is an esteemed hotel constructed nearby to Anjuna Beach. This beautiful hotel has excellent recreational amenities which includes outdoor pool, a fitness facility, a children’s pool, a poolside bar, spa services, and a bar/lounge. Rooms are well equipped with LCD televisions, refrigerators, coffee/tea makers, hair dryer etc.Other hotels and resorts nearby to Anjuna beach are Country Club De Goa, Riviera De Goa, Suncity Resort, Resort Rio, Royal Heritage Resort etc.